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The Pathway through Pain digital pain management programme (PMP) is offered to patients through several health services across the UK, from GP Surgeries and Pain Clinics to IAPT and Community Services. Thousands of people have been enrolled onto the online course by their healthcare provider and learned to manage their chronic pain effectively. Here are a few examples of the NHS Trusts leading the way: Just a few of our Healthcare partners

How we support Health Services

Pathway through Pain is a digital PMP that's provided to patients in primary and secondary care settings and achieves outstanding outcomes and patient satisfaction. The course is delivered to patients at varying points in their care pathway, to provide the most benefit to the patient and the Health Service, e.g. at the point of referral to an NHS Pain Service, to lower the treatment waiting time for the patient, and reduce the work burden on the clinical team.

As the course guides participants through all the elements of the intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP) as defined by the National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (NICE), it is offered to health service users as an intervention for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Where a PMP is considered an appropriate intervention, the Pathway through Pain course can be offered.

The course works in conjunction with a patient's already existing treatment pathway, as well as a standalone intervention, depending on the healthcare referral setting. 

Due to the flexibility of the course and its management portal for facilitation, monitoring & reporting, the course fits easily into the Health Service’s established way of working, to quickly and effectively help support the clinical team and Service as a whole. Offering a digital PMP is particularly useful where access to real-world PMPs are limited or where patients are restricted to mobility, the environment or time constraints, making it difficult to attend face-to-face sessions or appointments.

Using the management portal, the clinical team can enrol patients onto the course and see reporting on their engagement with the course, as well as their health outcomes.

See everything you and your patients get with our healthcare package and how to get started here.

Evaluated for its effectiveness and backed-up by research, with Pathway through Pain you can confidently provide a high quality and effective intervention for persistent musculoskeletal pain, at low cost with minimum disruption to the work of your clinical team. 

Results & Evidence

Pathway through Pain is improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs for a leading NHS pain service.

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Dr Alf Collins - NHS Somerset

"Pathway through Pain is now integral to our pain service. It improves the quality of life of the patients we serve - and its improved my quality of life no end; I don’t tell patient after patient the same thing time and again in my clinic - the course does it for me!"

Dr. Alf Collins, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.