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For delivering a chronic pain self-management course digitally

Suitable for Pain Services, Community Clinics, IAPT Services,  ICATS, GP Surgeries and more.

Your healthcare package could be setup and established in as little as a few weeks, with minimal admin work for your course facilitators. Read on to find out what's included and just how easy it is to facilitate Pathway through Pain in your health service.

What you (the health service) get

  • Fast and simple setup procedure to get you started as quickly as possible
  • Access to a highly specialised and secure web-based Course Management System (CMS)
  • Quick & straightforward enrolment procedure, with customization options for communicating with participants to invite them onto the course
  • Dedicated account manager and Pathway through Pain client services team, providing you with ongoing professional support from initial setup, including familiarisation of the course management system
  • As a pure online delivery, there are no limits to numbers of participants or restrictions on location of training - reach those who cannot attend real-world sessions or appointments
  • Confidence in providing an intervention that delivers all the elements of an intensive PMP as defined by NICE, in a digital format that's been provided to NHS patients since 2011
  • Aggregated participant course engagement and health outcome reporting
  • Individual participant course engagement and outcome reporting (tailored, i.e. restrict individual participant view to clinicians only)
  • Feedback, helpfulness & satisfaction ratings, testimonials & star ratings from your course participants
  • Feedback forms are embedded throughout the course to give you an in-depth view of patient satisfaction and outcomes through questionnaires at the start of the course, the end, and one month after completion
  • Weekly email participant activity reports for your team
  • Individual course participant's agreement is with us (Wellmind Media); our T&Cs must be accepted by individuals to take part in the course, and include, consent to share their data with you, their healthcare "sponsor"
  • A service operating to the highest standards of clinical safety, accessibility and information governance
  • A low cost service, with everything included in this healthcare package at a price per patient of £75!

What a course participant gets

  • A digital course that guides participants through all the elements of an intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP)
  • Fully online flexible asynchronous learning - no time constraints or restrictions on location of training
  • Participants can take as long as they like to complete the course, follow at their own pace, and take breaks, where necessary
  • High accessibility Web App, as can be followed from any device with a web browser and internet connection, including mobile phones and tablets
  • 26 easy-to-follow steps, featuring videos and interactive exercises led by qualified medical professionals
  • Assignments to practise in daily life
  • Supporting motivational emails
  • Step-by-step guidance throughout
  • Reassurance from high course participant satisfaction, with hundreds of written testimonials
  • Learn a variety of practical techniques that can be used daily including, pacing, relaxation, goal setting, stretching, and more
  • Can be participated in while receiving other interventions, treatment, and/or medication, as well as on its own as a standalone intervention
  • Downloadable audio relaxation and meditation exercises
  • Self-assessment tools to chart progress with pain self-management
  • Completion certificate
  • Pathway through Pain media library accessible during and indefinitely after course completion, to encourage continued self-management practice long after completing the course
  • Subtitles and other assistive technologies meeting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (AA Grade)
  • Telephone and Email support (non-clinical)
  • Confidence in accessing a course that's been provided to NHS patients for over 7 years and backed up by research
  • Assurance their data is secure with a digital course that follows the highest standards of data protection

Please get in touch below to register your interest and see inside the CMS with your own demo log-in! Please include the name and type of Health Service you're enquiring for. We look forward to hearing from you.

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