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Improved patient outcomes and reduced costs

A research study conducted by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Bucks University has measured the outcomes for chronic pain patients referred onto the Pathway through Pain course. The research indicates patients completing the course achieve significant improvements in the following outcome measures:

  • 16% Reduction of Disability (ODI)
  • 21% Improvement in Quality of Life (EQ-VAS)
  • 33% Improvement of Confidence in Managing Pain 
  • 26% Reduction of Problems in Daily Life
  • 17% Reduction of Pain Level
  • 25% Reduction in Depression (PHQ-9)
  • 27% Reduction in Anxiety (GAD-7)

The research has also tracked the healthcare costs of chronic pain patients from in-patient, out-patient and A&E services.The data indicates that the group who completed the Pathway through Pain course had a large average healthcare cost reduction of £414 in the year after the intervention (45% cost reduction). This compares with an increased average cost of £127 for the patient group who did not take the digital course and had ‘treatment as usual’ during this period.

The interim analysis was exhibited at the British Pain Society annual scientific conference. The poster presentation, which also details the significant clinical outcomes for Pathway through Pain participants, can be found here:

Reference: Pimm, J., Maloney, C., Woods, N., Pickering, S., Watsham, E., Coote, L., Nayoan, J., Khalsa, R., & Sirhan, F. (May, 2016). An evaluation of a web-based pain management programme ‘Pathway Through Pain’: an interim analysis. British Pain Society Annual Conference 2016, Harrogate

Reducing Fatigue and Rumination outcomes

71% of people who take the course say they find it helpful with only 3% finding it unhelpful.

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