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I have found this course very helpful and encouraging. Now that I have completed the course I intend to make use of the stretching video and the mindful meditation. The meditation I found so relaxing. But overall the subjects which each step covered is very helpful and I can relate to most of it. Well worth doing and so pleased my GP gave me access to the course.

Morag Box

Feb 2015

The course is laid out in an easy-to-understand constructive plan. I had no trouble following it through and I liked the options that are always on offer to go re-review some of the steps, such as video messages and instruction.

Matthew Rose

Feb 2015

I have really enjoyed the course and have begun to practice everything I have learnt.

Toni-Anita Edwards

Jan 2015

I really enjoy the guided meditation.

Sharon Vivian

Jan 2015

I found the course very helpful from the start. The relaxation techniques have been brilliant and I will continue to practice them. It has made me aware that this is a life style change and I feel all the better for it.

Liza Graveling

Dec 2014

This is an excellent tool. It is packed with practical advice and tips. The information is presented clearly, and intelligibly. It has been a great help/ I would recommend it.


Nov 2014

The course has certainly made me 'make time' to consider my pain and how it affects my life, in a positive way. I have learnt strategies that help me cope and, hopefully, will minimise any increase in pain in the future. It has certainly helped my 'mindset' so I can 'take on' the difficulties I have in a positive and challenging way.


Nov 2014

Thank you so much. I have found the course very good.Since the medication course I have stopped taking my pain killers as I found that they were causing other problems. I have always tried relaxing and the breathing to help with the pain and found that reflexology was good but the relaxation course that you have provided is really good. Thank you once again

Susan Johnson

Nov 2014

I have been very happy with the course and have found the stretching and meditation very helpful. The section about pacing yourself for me is unrealistic as life doesn't allow me to do that it but I do appreciate it would be helpful for other people. Thanks for the help and advice.

Elizabeth Harpe

Oct 2014

I have found the relaxation techniques to be possibly the most help I've ever received in the 26 or so years that I've had my condition. Many thanks to all for your efforts.


Oct 2014

I've found this helpful and the relaxation videos are great, i would recomend you to others.

Diane Morrison

Oct 2014

This course is very good... the way it help me manage my pain, i seem to be able to pace myself.

Christine Harfield

Sep 2014

This is a very good course to help people with long term pain. It is set up so well and you can go back over and over again to bits you found helpful.

Deborah Purfield

Sep 2014

Simple steps and common sense but useful to do the programme nonetheless as it reinforces positive action. I particularly enjoyed the extended meditation/relaxation audios.

Louisa Orr

Sep 2014

The pathway through pain course has confirmed the link between my levels of stress and levels of pain and given me the wisdom and tools for managing my stress and thus improving my pain. The physio has also improved my mobility, levels of pain and functioning. I know if I continue to exercise daily and follow the tenants of this course, I will be able to maintain my improvements and also continue to improve and enjoy a full family and working life. Thank you Pathway through pain team.

Beccy Gibson

Sep 2014

I have had a weak and painful back for many years (I am 62 now) and have spent a lot of time worrying about it. This course has changed that, in that one of the most important points that I have gained from the course is the idea that pain is not damage. I am not very disciplined with my own health and usually try to solve the problem instead of trying to prevent the problem in the first place. The course covers every aspect of controlling pain and does it fantastically well and always in an interesting and involving way. The test will be to see what happens when I have a problem in the future. Will I remember what the course has told me or will I panic? I hope it is the former. Very impressive course indeed. Who says the NHS is not up to it? I think it is truly marvelous and thank you to all concerned.

Paul Brandon

Sep 2014

Been a very worth while course, helps with flair ups, general day to day pain and relaxing.

James McLeish

Sep 2014

Very interesting and informative. the best bit for me was the relaxation techniques.

Elisabeth Johnson

Sep 2014

Excellent course that has helped me have another, more positive, perspective on pain. Lots of ideas and new things to think about and try. I will continue with the things I have learned on this course. Thank you.

Sarah Lasenby

Aug 2014

This course has been very useful in increasing my confidence and understanding of chronic pain. I realise that its a long term problem and will restrict some of my activities but it something I can manage and take control of. The techniques shown on this course has enabled me to do this. I will continue to use some of them long-term especially the meditation and relatation ones.

Julia Glinster

Aug 2014

As I was a desperate disbeliever, I was surprised to find that some of the technics you endorse I was already using, but you showed me better ways that have improved my daily life. Thank you

James Stafford

Aug 2014

I have found this online course very helpful overall. Although I don't suffer from back pain, and so some of the course didn't seem relevant initially, on reflection the principles involved are - in my experience, at least. I feel the course has provided good support for me to formulate a realistic plan to help me in good times and bad. Using the techniques and the new insights I have gained, in conjunction with the wonderful support from the Pain Clinic, has made managing the pain a reality in my day to day life. This is something I seriously doubted at the outset. So I would say to anyone, don't be put off by the online method of delivery, it does help. And don't be afraid of how 'odd' some of the techniques might seem; give them a try - they really do work! 

Gail G

Aug 2014

I have just completed the course and have found it most useful. Though I still experience the pain in my back, I now have tools to help me deal with it better. I can get through my day in a more positive manner. 


Aug 2014

I found this course to be helpful and enlightening in my way of dealing with pain. More information I have I can apply to my daily living with chronic pain. Many thanks to the professionals who has made this course accessible to me. Following the suggestions that has been made on this course I look forward to having a better quality of life with my condition.

Mark Baker

Aug 2014

Thank you I have enjoyed the program and found it very helpful, I found the relaxation and meditation l really good and they have helped me a lot. I am also trying to pace myself ,as this is my downfall which then causes me more pain, but I am learning to cope with that better. I was very reluctant at first about the program but I am very glad I have completed it now and will continue to follow it. Kind Regards.


Jul 2014

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