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Wide-ranging expertise & outstanding results
Pathway through Pain provides all the elements of an intensive PMP, has achieved exceptional results in research studies from leading institutions and received high satisfaction ratings from participants since 2011.
Recognise that you are not alone
Learn about the experiences and lasting improvements of other persistent-pain sufferers on the course, to help understand how you could learn to control pain and improve your quality of life.
Develop knowledge & effective techniques
Discover practical tools for dealing with pain and develop new knowledge and perspectives about pain and pain management to help you gain in confidence, do more and achieve greater control over your life again.
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Whether you are an organisation or an individual, select below for the solution that fits your needs:


Discover the approach that works best for you

Learn to understand your pain and explore physical and psychological therapies with expert guides to personalise your pain-management approach.

Complete the Pathway in your own time

Follow the twenty-four steps on the online and on-demand Pathway at a pace that suits you. The quickest time you can complete the course in is two weeks.

Measure your progress and results

Set goals, work towards them and measure your progress along the Pathway to help understand what is working most effectively for you.

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This course has been very reassuring and has given me comfort, knowing that I am not alone in having chronic pain. I know that together we can get through each day with positive thinking, patience and the tool box that they have provided. I now have a future, just not the one that I was expecting. Thank you so so much.


Jan 2020

I really appreciated doing this course. The meditation sections were very helpful, also I realised that pain relief drugs aren’t always helpful, though still have bad days when I do need to take something. Thank you very much for all the practical help with exercise too.


Jan 2020

This course has helped me each and every day through a difficult time. Thanks to the steps provided it has helped me to combat my fatigue. I feel empowered and able to manage it so much better and feel able to complete tasks I enjoy and somehow manage the pain. Pacing has been a massive help. Pathway through pain is a breath of fresh air.


Oct 2019

I’m so glad that Ethel Hill recommended this course, it has made me feel happier and more positive about my health, not just my pain. The issues addressed were very relevant especially dealing with set backs and relaxation. I was convinced by the message that pain does not mean damage, despite what it feels like and in turn I realise that things I thought “true” about my future health are just thoughts. 


Jun 2019

This is an excellent course if you are trying to find ways of managing your pain. It includes easy physical exercises, relaxations and meditations. You have access to these things after finishing the course.


Dec 2019

Thanks to techniques learned on the course I have realized the importance of my attitude towards the pain, how changing the way I think about it can have a really positive effect. I haven't reached all my goals, but I am still on the journey. I'm not afraid of flare ups because I feel better equipped to deal with them.


Nov 2019



If you have self-paid and don’t feel the course meets your expectations in any way you can cancel your place within 90-days and receive a full refund.