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You'll have everything you need to successfully integrate our trusted, tested digital PMP course in your health service.

Simple course management Portal
Clinical assessments
Easily monitor participants
Ongoing support for your team



We're always on hand to help, so you can effortlessly yet effectively support the health and wellbeing of your employees. 

Easy to launch, scale and manage
Analytics and measurable impact
Confidentiality for participants
Minimal admin work



We'll guide you every step of the way on your chronic pain self-management journey, so you can move forward with a better quality of life.

Start immediately
Learn at your own pace
Lifetime access
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Discover the approach that works best for you

Learn to understand your pain and explore physical and psychological therapies with expert guides to personalise your pain-management approach.

Complete the course in your own time

Follow the twenty-four steps on the online and on-demand course at a pace that suits you. The quickest time you can complete the course in is two weeks.

Measure your progress and results

Set goals, work towards them and measure your progress along the Pathway to help understand what is working most effectively for you.

For Healthcare and Enterprise

Everything you need to successfully offer and provide the Pathway through Pain course in a healthcare or enterprise setting

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Promotional resources
Quick and easy enrolment
Analytics and outcome reports
Ongoing professional support
Measurable impact

I have found the course most helpful. I am very pleased that I can continue to access all that I have learned. Thank you very much.


Apr 2021

Anyone living with chronic pain should definitely try this course I highly recommend it


Apr 2021

Would highly recommend to anyone. Found it very useful to help my pain situation


Apr 2021

I have found that I have seen improvements in all areas that the course addressed. I am still very scared at times about the future, but am finding the things in the library may be comforting and useful. Will certainly go on to make use of those and the goal setting and pacing.


Apr 2021

Really informative and well constructed with lots of practical tips to manage my chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. Thank you.


Mar 2021

Thanks, it will take time but I feel better. I had no expectations, but now I do. Thanks again.


Mar 2021

Wide-ranging expertise & outstanding results
Pathway through Pain delivers the elements of an intensive PMP, has achieved exceptional results in research studies from leading institutions and received high satisfaction ratings from participants since 2011.
Recognise that you are not alone
Learn about the experiences and lasting improvements of other persistent-pain sufferers on the course, to help understand how you could learn to control pain and improve your quality of life.
Develop knowledge & effective techniques
Discover practical tools for dealing with pain and develop new knowledge and perspectives about pain and pain management to help you gain in confidence, do more and achieve greater control over your life again.