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What to expect on the course

The flexible online Pathway is followed in steps that you progress through at a pace you are comfortable with. We recommend you complete the course in a month but you can go faster or slower, it’s your choice. Our multi-disciplinary team has a deep understanding of the varied challenges of everyday pain management. They lead you through instructional videos, providing tips and practical advice to keep you feeling supported and motivated.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics of pain, learn and practice physical and psychological therapies, and routinely monitor and measure your steps along the Pathway. At the end of the course you will have gained knowledge and practical techniques to foster over the long-term, which help you relax, let go of your fear of pain and see there are ways and means to live a normal life again.


You’ll meet some of the pain-medicine experts who will be guiding and supporting you, and learn about the mechanics of pain and the way we think about pain. We assess how pain is affecting different areas of your life.

relaxation and meditation

Explore and practice relaxation and meditation techniques to reduce pain. Learn about the relationship between tension and pain. Improve your approach to pain recovery activities such as sleep.

Psychological Tools

Learn to understand your pain and fear it less. Re-examine your thoughts about pain and the situations they occur in. Explore ways to change unhelpful thinking to change your perception of pain and change your life. 

Stretching Programme

We introduce a simple stretching programme that helps manage persistent pain. Understand the physical effects and multiple benefits of stretching and learn good techniques and simple exercises that improve body condition. 

Measuring and Assessing 

Your initial pain assessment also enables you to measure progress, see what is most effective and find the approach to pain management that works best for you. An optional confidential journal helps you keep a private record of your struggles and achievements with pain management.


Continue to access the Pathway’s Library containing tools including The Home Stretching Programme and Passive Relaxation Exercises.

Pathway through Pain has provided thousands of people with knowledge about different treatments for pain, the best skills for them to overcome their persistent musculoskeletal pain and alternative ways of thinking about pain to change their lives. To start along your Pathway through Pain, follow the link below, or read on to find out more about the course.

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If you have self-paid and don’t feel the course meets your expectations in any way you can cancel your place within 90-days and receive a full refund.

Key Features

Mind & Body

Learn physical and psychological therapies as pain affects state of mind as well as physical state

Personalised Pathway

Measure your progress and results to help you find the most effective approach for you

Lifetime Skills

The range of effective pain-management tools you learn are yours for life and enhanced with practice

Guided & Supported

Supportive pain-management experts guide along the Pathway and explain how and why each technique works

Flexible & Accessible

Accessible on demand web-app compatible with all devices, including smartphones

Proven & Lasting Benefits

Proven effective by high participant and clinician satisfaction ratings, clinical research, and NHS-approval

Do you have any questions?

We understand that chronic/persistent pain is a deeply personal experience which can profoundly affect lives. Our FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions participants ask before starting along their own individual Pathway.


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Your Pain Management Team

Pathway through Pain's experienced practitioners guide you through the flexible online PMP. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts encourage and help you as they lead you through this unique online course towards better self-management of your persistent musculoskeletal pain. The Pathway through Pain team is dedicated to helping people manage pain better, take control and feel better, and even return to activities they had previously felt unable to continue with.

Physical and psychological experts in:

Teamwork Illustration

  • Pain Medicine
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pain Nurse
  • Relaxation Specialist
  • Consultant Spinal Surgeon
  • Pain Management Trainer
  • CBT Therapist

The one thing I found consistently valuable from participating in this online course, was being able to access it when I needed to. I have shared techniques with friends and family which has reinforced its effectiveness personally. I am now reconciled to the fact that I'm not perfect but its not a problem going forward.


Sep 2019

I found this course extremely useful and informative. It was very easy and clear to follow with each step. I especially found the meditation exercises beneficial and I will be continuing them. There is a lot to think about and it can really be put into place in my daily living. Many thanks!


Jan 2019

Very interesting different view of my pain conditions and how to manage them better than taking constant pain relief tablets. Will revisit the notes to concentrate on what has been taught and practice the advice given. I feel more hopeful now that I can overcome some of these problems using things taught on this course. Thanks a lot.


Oct 2019

Excellent well-structured course which includes elements such as the relaxation exercises which I would not previously have considered as part of pain management.


Dec 2018

The positivity from this course has helped me to have the confidence to start the new year with a new job. I was always very careful in what I did because I believed that pain meant damage and now I am doing a lot more and working through the pain, being careful to pace myself. Many thanks to the whole team for all the help you have given me.


Jan 2019

Thank you! I have found all of the information and advice extremely helpful especially the guided meditations. I would highly recommended this course to anyone suffering from chronic pain.


Jan 2019