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Compatible with all desktop and mobile devices

Key Features

Mind & Body

Learn physical and psychological therapies as pain affects state of mind as well as physical state

Personalised Journey

Measure your progress and results to help you find the most effective approach for you

Lifetime Skills

The range of effective pain-management tools you learn are yours for life and enhanced with practice

Guided & Supported

Supportive pain-management experts guide along the Pathway and explain how and why each technique works

Flexible & Accessible

Accessible on demand and web-app compatible with all devices, including smartphones

Proven & Lasting Benefits

Proven effective by high participant and clinician satisfaction ratings, clinical research, and NHS-approval

Pathway through Pain has provided many thousands of individuals with the skills to self-manage chronic musculoskeletal pain effectively, and alternative ways of thinking about pain that changes lives for the better. To get started, follow the button below, or read on to find out more about the course.

"When I first signed up to the course, I really didn't think it would help in any way. I was desperate and ready to try anything, and for £60, it was worth a try. My mindset has been thoroughly changed. There were some key takeaways for me, such as having a positive outlook, that the pain is not (usually) related to damage, to breathe and relax and that I really do need to pace. Putting all of these things into action has changed my life. I am sad this course has come to an end, but so glad I ended up trying it."


Apr 2021

What to expect on the course

This proven digital therapeutic covers all the elements of an intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP). You'll be led through 24-steps comprising of pre-recorded videos, exercises and assignments to practise in your own time.

We recommend you aim to complete the course in a month, but it can be done at your own pace, taking breaks when you need to. There are also set break points within the course to help you pace yourself.

By the end of the course you will have gained knowledge and practical skills to foster over the long-term, which help you to let go of the fear of pain and see there are ways and means to live a normal life again.


You’ll meet some of the pain-medicine experts who will be guiding and supporting you, and learn about the mechanics of pain and the way we think about pain. We assess how pain is affecting different areas of your life.

relaxation and meditation

Explore and practice relaxation and meditation techniques to reduce pain. Learn about the relationship between tension and pain. Improve your approach to pain recovery activities such as sleep.

Psychological Tools

Learn to understand your pain and fear it less. Re-examine your thoughts about pain and the situations they occur in. Explore ways to change unhelpful thinking to change your perception of pain and change your life. 

Stretching Programme

We introduce a simple stretching programme that helps manage persistent pain. Understand the physical effects and multiple benefits of stretching and learn good techniques and simple exercises that improve body condition. 

Measuring and Assessing 

Your initial pain assessment also enables you to measure progress, see what is most effective and find the approach to pain management that works best for you. An optional confidential journal helps you keep a private record of your struggles and achievements with pain management.


Continue to access the course library containing resources including The Home Stretching Programme and the Passive Relaxation Exercise.

The Pain Training Team

A multi-disciplinary expert team present the course on video, providing tips and practical advice to keep you feeling supported and motivated. 

Teamwork Illustration

  • Pain Medicine Clinician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pain Nurse
  • Relaxation Specialist
  • Spinal Consultant
  • Occupational Health Professional
  • CBT Therapist

Do you have any questions?

We understand that chronic/persistent pain is a deeply personal experience which can profoundly affect lives. Our FAQ page provides answers to the most common questions participants ask before starting the digital pain management programme.


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For Healthcare and Enterprise

We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide this clinical-grade Digital Therapeutic (DTx) course in a healthcare or enterprise setting. Using our specialised yet simple to use course Management Portal, clinicians benefit from full access to their patients' data to provide supplemental support and update patient record systems. Employers receive anonymised data so their employees can access the course with full confidentiality.

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