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The Pathway through Pain online course provides an amazing insight into pain management, from exercise to relaxation. Through it you get to gain the experience and advice of a number of professionals who understand the challenges of everyday pain management, in the comfort of your own home. It has provided me with invaluable support and the platform on which to build - highly recommended.

Sally Mills

Jun 2016

I have learnt that you can help control pain yourself although every day can be different, so you need to make most of the good days and not give up on bad days. Over all I have found the course beneficial. Marian Ludlow

Marian Ludlow

May 2016

I cannot thank the Team of Pathway through Pain enough. Your Team has provided excellent course work that is suited to individual needs, very informative and thought provoking videos, while having ongoing questionnaires and the Journal at the beginning of each step. The Review, Library etc. is an excellent tool that I hope I will be able to use for the coming months and especially the Meditation videos. Thank you again.

Mary Jefferson-Cobb

Mar 2016

I am new to learning that I am in pain and that my behaviour has been affecting others around me. My pain has contributed to a lot of things over the years and I wasn't aware just how many aspects of my life, my way of thinking, and my relationships has been affected by this. By doing this course I feel I have learnt to start challenging a life time of negative thought and challenge those feelings of self worth as well as how I react to others instead of saying 'I'm FINE', I now react with 'I'm struggling can you help me please'. I now realise I can't be a superwoman because it's wore me out doing that and the negative result of trying to do everything is that now I can't do anything I want to do as I am so consumed by the 'everything'. If I outsource and delegate things then my work load gets lighter and I can do the things I want to do instead.


Feb 2016

Excellent course, extremely helpful.

Wendy Muzlanova

Feb 2016

I feel that a lot of time and effort has been put into this course by the various Tutors and this has reasserted my idea that this is the way to control pain. I have found the course very helpful and would like to thank them all for their time and effort.

Rob Jackson

Feb 2016

I found the course very helpful for me and I hope other people do to .

Stephen Cullip

Jan 2016

After a 6 month black hole of depression post spine operation, chronic pain and feeling abandoned, I felt I won the Lottery when Dr Cathy Price signed me up for this course. With the exception of the Mindfulness sessions (for reasons stated in General Feedback), I have found them easy to follow and inspirational. Two weeks after starting the course 3 friends took me out for coffee and were amazed at the change in my positive, happy state in such a short timescale.

Anne Parfett

Jan 2016

This has all been so helpful, and a comfort logging in daily, it made me feel not so alone with the pain. Everyone who has contributed to this course has been excellent, and I only wish I could meet them all in person. I think to do one of the residential courses must be wonderful. Many thanks to you all

Alex Gordon-Green

Jan 2016

This is a course that gives you a better understanding of pain, it allows you to relax about the stresses you have which are associated to pain. For me the benefits are a reduction of medication and a lot more pain free days.

John Foley

Jan 2016

I found it interesting to learn what the latest findings about persistent pain are. I have learnt some new stretches and lots more about meditation, which is something I have never done before. I think some of the techniques will be helpful for managing pain but implementing them might be a challenge. Few things I am taking from this course are: 1. Not to be so hard on myself. 2. Slightly lower my expectations of what I can do, because I have persistent pain. 3. Think about what I can achieve in one go without causing myself unnecessary pain. 4. Find time for myself to be able to deal with the pain in a positive way.

Blanka Wood

Jan 2016

I had very much underestimated the psycological influence on how we perceive pain, probably owing to the difficulties immediately post trauma, which can get such a grip on your mind. The course has made me separate the accident of a year ago from where I am now, which has made me much more in control of dealing with it. I use the word dealing rather than coping as it illustrates my new found very firm intention to conquer any significant hold pain has over me. The fractured spine has healed, and the course has given me huge confidence, and practical help in realising this fact, which I will now build on.

Sylvia Swietochowsky

Jan 2016

This course was so helpful to me. I have learnt to cope with my pain physically and mentally. I have had numbness and nerve pain free for a over month. Just recently I felt some numbness after rushing with busy Xmas shopping. However I am very calm and dealing with the pain based on what I learnt from this course. Thank you very much!

Michiko Samuels

Dec 2015

Some parts of the course we're really good. I particularly found meditation and relaxation parts helpful. I also changed my attitude that if something doesn't get done , as in I am in too much pain , it doesn't matter and I can do the chore when I feel not so bad. Many thanks .

Lynn Cunningham

Dec 2015

This is an excellent course for coming to terms with pain. I did not realise before the course that stress, anxiety and depression can increase your pain levels. Learning how to relax has definitiely helped.

Margitta Green

Dec 2015

I found the course interesting, I'm sure with practice I can manage my pain better, I don't think it will subside, but I think I will feel more positive about life. I enjoyed the meditation as I felt good after it and happier.

Sue Baston

Dec 2015

Very good course, lots of ideas about pain management, feel more confident about managing pain.

Sue Leyland

Nov 2015

Hi I have really struggled with my condition after being injured in a car accident as a passenger. I felt I was alone and no one understood what I was going through, as everyone around me was carrying on with their life. It was difficult as I had been a very independent and confident individual, so asking for help was just demeaning. Pathway helped me understand it was not demeaning at all as we all need help at some point in our lives. I used to really push myself to the brink of collapse as I am a work-a-holic. Now I pace myself thanks to this course. I have learnt to accept that I cannot do this and it is not really wise or productive to live like this. I used to reach for my pain killers at any onset of pain as I feared the pain of pain. Now I try the different techniques that pathway have shown me and it really does work. I have much less in the way of pain killers than before. Thank you Pathway

Tanweer Hussain

Nov 2015

Excellent course this has made me stop and think more positively about the pain and has given me the energy to know I can improve my life style.

Marjorie Clay

Oct 2015

I found this a very useful tool to remind myself of how stress and pain can be reduced daily.


Oct 2015

This course has enabled me to understand my pain better. To be more positive about living with it and therefore with a few adjustment to my life I feel that I can do rather than can't do! 


Oct 2015

Some of the course was very helpful, particularly the relaxation sessions.

Lindsay Silvester

Oct 2015

As a patient and a registered nurse I already had a reasonable degree of insight into managing pain but as the former found it difficult to apply. Throughout the course I felt it offered excellent advice, support and strategies for managing pain. The use of videos of practitioners giving support and advice made the whole process feel more individualised rather than remote and therefore more encouragjng to follow. I am also really pleased I can still access the useful advice and support stratagies in my library because its essential to have ongoing support.

Shirley Lacey

Oct 2015

Now that I have completed this course, with more than a little scepticism, but I remained hopeful that this would help. I am delighted to say that my hopes were realised. Using the techniques, I feel that I am much more in control of my aches & pains and I now look upon my life in a different more positive way. The future is brighter now.

Dennis Barling

Oct 2015

I was dubious as we have to do so much e-learning at work however the pace was good, at times slow for me but never too slow and the content was useful and supportive. Once you get started and pain becomes more manageable it can be difficult to complete the course but persevere as it is worth it. Sessions are never too long and some of the meditations are wonderful.

Debra Tennant

Sep 2015

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